8 AUGUST 2021

The Royal Fortress medieval past will be brought back to life with a medieval encampment, some workshops, shows and parades. Come to see King Arthur’s knights for a real tournament. Meet some brave soldiers at their encampment. Have a walk or a rest in the park, listening to medieval music….
A great day out for all the family!


Tournament show with "Cheval spectacle"
Three times during sunday afternoon, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s court will come to life. Attend to their royal wedding with the legendary court, its brave knights and their well trained horses, its tournaments and fights…
Cheval spectacle” is a French professional team of artists, stuntmen, acrobats and horse tamers, all passionate about horses. The performers and their talented mounts love playing with the public and taking them into their legendary universe.

Mercenaries encampment by "les Corbins escoÿeurs de Macy"
All day long, join different activities to discover the everyday life of the medieval soldiers: equipment, crafts, blacksmith, cooking …
The French company “les Corbins escoÿeurs de Macy” reminds the everyday life of some 13
th century mercenaries, sharing their knowledge and passion with the public around some games, demonstrations, trainings and workshops.

A musical trip by "Soñj"
The five musicians of Soñj will take you for a trip with spicy rythms and perfumed stopovers. The band is inspired by the musical sounds of the crusade roads, playing original pieces by connecting two ancient musical styles: the western one and the popular eastern one. Join this musical trip making a bridge between two ancient cultures, in a very interactive and funny way.

MandalaS Company
Two outspoken jugglers, Agylus and Ladzo, invite visitors to their show "Laughter on the way to extinction". These kings of self-mockery know how to attract and keep a street audience on its toes.
They have two objectives: to make people laugh... and to make them laugh!

Learning about medieval fighting by AMHE from Touraine"
All day long, meet a team of passionate members about european historical martial arts. Learn with them the techniques of medieval fencing, with a knowledge based on historical context and experiment.

Eating at the Lysandre
Eat some medieval food at the Fortress café.

From 21 July 2021, a health pass will be compulsory to visit the Fortress.

CHILD UNDER 7 go free